Hi there, I'm Jianqi ("jan-CHEE")

I'm a User Experience professional with seven years of experience in UX design and research. Currently, I'm a full-time Product Designer at Amount LLC, refining and optimizing their UX to power modern banking experiences. I used to work at Wolfram Research and was a key contributor for Wolfram|Alpha, the world's first computational knowledge engine. I also worked for SafeSpeed and was in charge of redesigning their internal system for traffic videos review. I'm freelancing in my spare time, as well.

I've collaborated with teams both big and small and used my skills to help organizations to deliver an enjoyable, scalable, and flexible user experience across different platforms without compromising business goals or budget.

To me, a UX professional is a lot like a detective: to hunt for users' frustrations by close observation and solve the case by bold imagination and elegant design. I'm always open to a new adventure. Would you like to join me?


The projects listed below are only a small portion of the ones I have led or played an important role since I became a UX professional. I handpicked those because they best demonstrate my skills in problem-defining-and-solving, interaction and work flow design, as well as usability test planning and execution. If you'd like to know more, please contact me and I'm happy to provide more samples of my past work.